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Grosgrain Sizzix Giveaway~*

25 Jan


Grosgrain is having another giveaway! This time it is for the Sizzix bigshot, since she has been using her Sizzix a lot for her Shoe Sugar month. The creative choices are endless! I’d love to try one out someday đŸ™‚

Go check it out: Grosgrain Sizzix Giveaway



Grosgrain Naiad Frock Giveaway

25 Sep

So, so pretty.

I remember seeing her works on Burdastyle a long time ago, and I’m really glad that I’ve rediscovered her blog. All of her frocks are so beautiful! The ethereal quality of this one is especially breathtaking. I think “Naiad” describes it perfectly – the gathered layers remind me of a waterfall. đŸ™‚

Here’s the link to the giveaway: Grosgrain Naiad Frock Giveaway