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sparkly funtime

8 Sep

sparkly nails 1

For a while, I just grew my nails out with the aim of doing interesting designs on them. But the real motivation might just have been laziness and me not wanting to bother cutting them. :3

So I finally decided that I needed to do something on them before they all broke off; one was already starting to rip a bit. I really wanted to try out a gradient manicure and I just love this polish – Castledew Popsky Gold Silver (팝스키 골드실버). It’s a super glittery mix of silver and gold, so it goes with everything! And the glitter aspect meant that mistakes would be less visible on the gradient. ^^

Basically what I did was I polished the tip pretty thickly and used the polish left on the brush to paint thin coats about halfway down the nail. The nature of the polish is pretty forgiving, so lines aren’t really visible. A coat of Sally Hansen Strengthening Topcoat helped even it all out.

sparkly nails 2

(Please excuse the blue marker on my finger :D)

I really liked how it turned out! Next time I’d like to try a gradient using dark blue polish, I think.

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