half-moon mani attempt

16 Jun

I saw a tutorial on the half-moon mani here and it looked so pretty! However, my results were sadly not as pretty as the picture there. But it was a start, right? : )

Then I got bored and layered a black polish over it, with interesting(?) results:

The red polish is an unnamed shade from Aritaum, and the black is VOV Chamon Nail Pop #3901.

I want to find a really nice vampy red and try this again sometime. ^^

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Mix #9: muted lavender creme

17 Nov
mix #9

mix #9 on my nails 🙂

Yay, first post. 🙂

A little about myself: I like to mix polishes and create interesting new colors. Some are successful, while others are… not so successful. But mixing is really fun because you never know what you’ll get! And it’s cheaper than buying new polishes! And you get to brag “Oh, yeah, I kinda sorta mixed this m’self…” if you get compliments on your nails!! Haha, just kidding. 🙂

Anyway, this is the 9th formula on my color wheel (you can see it in the background of my first pic up there). I mixed black, mint, red, and pink and got a nice muted purple creme. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer from the pink, but only if you look real close!

I rather like this color! The muted/dusty cool tones are popular this fall season, I think. This shade is kinda fun, but neutral enough to slide in an office situation. The only problem with mixed polishes is that you have to put a lot on at once if the formula isn’t very pigmented, and fast, too, before the polish puddle dries up. So I got bubbles on my ring finger. Yuck! Ah well, at least they’re not overly pronounced – those gross me out.


black, mint, red, and pink=lavender:)

I think I will post these up as I actually do them on my nails. I don’t feel like wearing some of the first couple mixes right now, haha.

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