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Grosgrain Sizzix Giveaway~*

25 Jan


Grosgrain is having another giveaway! This time it is for the Sizzix bigshot, since she has been using her Sizzix a lot for her Shoe Sugar month. The creative choices are endless! I’d love to try one out someday 🙂

Go check it out: Grosgrain Sizzix Giveaway




8 Sep

domo 1


I got the idea for this over at Gizmodo ( The original artist’s nails are definitely nicer than mine, but I tried! 😀

At first I wanted to do all ten fingers too, but I changed my mind because I was short on time. Plus I fail at doing my right hand!

Anyhoo, I first tried to replicate this design by just putting the mouth red on top of the brown, but that did not work because the red wasn’t that opaque. So what I did was I first brushed on a square of red (Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Cherry Red) and then brushed on a warm brown (Etude House in Choco Slushi 초코 슬러시) all around it. I then used a tiny disposable nail art brush to dot on the teeth in white (Wet n’ Wild in French White Creme). Lastly I dotted the eyes on in black (VOV Chamon Nail Pop #3901) and dotted white on top after they dried. A topcoat went over everything, but unfortunately the white streaked a bit because I didn’t wait long enough for it to dry. 😦

The rest of my nails are a cool taupe shade (Holika Holika #03 Medium 미디움) that sets off domo-kun.

domo nails 3

Hope you enjoyed this – I know I have! 😀

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sparkly funtime

8 Sep

sparkly nails 1

For a while, I just grew my nails out with the aim of doing interesting designs on them. But the real motivation might just have been laziness and me not wanting to bother cutting them. :3

So I finally decided that I needed to do something on them before they all broke off; one was already starting to rip a bit. I really wanted to try out a gradient manicure and I just love this polish – Castledew Popsky Gold Silver (팝스키 골드실버). It’s a super glittery mix of silver and gold, so it goes with everything! And the glitter aspect meant that mistakes would be less visible on the gradient. ^^

Basically what I did was I polished the tip pretty thickly and used the polish left on the brush to paint thin coats about halfway down the nail. The nature of the polish is pretty forgiving, so lines aren’t really visible. A coat of Sally Hansen Strengthening Topcoat helped even it all out.

sparkly nails 2

(Please excuse the blue marker on my finger :D)

I really liked how it turned out! Next time I’d like to try a gradient using dark blue polish, I think.

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half-moon mani attempt

16 Jun

I saw a tutorial on the half-moon mani here and it looked so pretty! However, my results were sadly not as pretty as the picture there. But it was a start, right? : )

Then I got bored and layered a black polish over it, with interesting(?) results:

The red polish is an unnamed shade from Aritaum, and the black is VOV Chamon Nail Pop #3901.

I want to find a really nice vampy red and try this again sometime. ^^

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